Deih (Valencia, 1979) is a street artist, illustrator and 2D animator with a distinct and unique style. Since the 90s, he has been in a non-stop evolution process inspired by hip-hop, freestyle, Japanese symbols, comic books, quantum mechanics and many other sources. This heap of knowledge and influence results in works that exude a certain 'charisma in motion', and he transfers this fascination for 'the strangeness of life, where rarity is valued' to his peculiar figures and sculptures. In his art, these subjects are a clear visual representation of the unknown side of existence (what would it be like to dive into the dark?) often combined with a dash of sci-fi and cyberpunk.

Besides illustrations and animations, street painting is still his greatest passion as an artist. He still creates impressive murals all over the world, in all formats. They are made with the sharpest lines and illustrations, combined with a lively colour palette that can easily be recognised as one of his signatures.


Valencia, Spain

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