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Edition Pajot

Beersel gains monumental artwork

It has long been an established fact: the region of Zenne and Zoniën and the Pajottenland has long carried cycling with great enthusiasm in its heart. And this has not gone unnoticed!


Mural unveiled in Halle as part of Belgian EU presidency

In Halle, a large mural has been unveiled in the school Sacred Heart & College. This painting is part of the Europe Street Art project. This is a series of 7 paintings installed in different cities and towns on the occasion of the Belgian presidency of the EU.

Internet Gazette

Connecting bike route with artistic flow boxes

In the run-up to the European Road Cycling Championships, there will be a new cycling route in Heusfen-Zolder: Heusden-Zolder Bolt. It will be a 36 km bike loop that crosses the green areas of Heusden-Zolder and connects the main attractions.

Leuven News

Mural in Meerbeek is finished

Last month, 2 large facades in Kortenberg were decorated with murals. Thus, the municipality is becoming an attraction for art lovers.

Gazette of Hoegaarden


TIENEN - The city of Tienen is brightening up the city center with two new murals. Two gray, drab electricity booths are getting a colorful makeover by professional graffiti artists. The mural on the Goossensvest has already been installed, the one in the Reizigersstraat will soon follow.

News paper

1 km of tape for 48-meter artwork under two bridges in Eisden

MAASMECHELEN - Two Mexican artists have spent the past few days installing a 48-meter-long graffiti artwork under two bridges of the Access Road in Eisden. The project cost 44,000 euros. "We used almost a kilometer of tape to carefully finish everything," the artists tell us.

News paper

First facade of street art project all brightened up

EVERBERG - Anyone driving down Kruisstraat anytime soon will hardly be able to miss it. There, from now on, you will be greeted by a colorful work of art by the street art collective Treepack. The action is part of the municipality of Kortenberg's street art project.

News paper

Immense mural brightens up Lab'Oh primary school

WILSELE – The walls of GO! Lab'Oh primary school in Wilsele have been brightened up with an immense mural. The Leuven-based artist collective Treepack and the Belgian artist Jamz Jameson bring a magical world of children, nature and animals to life.

News paper

Cabinets of electricity cabin undergo metamorphosis

BERTEM - The cabinets that belong to the electricity booth along the Nijvelsebaan in Bertem are suddenly much more conspicuous: artist collective Treepack, together with artist Artoon, therefore turned them into a special work of art.



Street art artist Pantonio began a street art project on the central column in A. Ruzettelaan on Monday, Sept. 25, 2023. It took him 4 days to completely finish the project. It is the first time Pantonio has painted a mural in Belgium. A first, therefore.

Working On The Ring

1.5-km-long artwork adorns F204 sound barrier

p Monday, August 21, 2023 we started the construction of the F204, an important missing link in the bicycle network on the east side of the Ring around Brussels. Between Joseph Kumpsstraat (Hoeilaart) and Jezus-Eik (Overijse), the first phase of a new smooth bicycle highway towards Brussels will be constructed. Work is well underway at Nieuwland and the E411 in Overijse. Bike highway F204 will eventually run from Rameistraat (Overijse) to the ADEPS sports complex in Auderghem. The noise barriers separating cyclists from busy car traffic have been transformed into a surprising spectacle.


Noise barriers along E411 in Hoeilaart and Overijse become 1,500-meter mural

Along the E411, on the border of Hoeilaart and Overijse, the new bicycle highway F204 is being constructed. The noise barriers separating cyclists and cars will be transformed into a mural. A total of 1,500 meters are involved. The drawing incorporates local birds such as the little warbler, the tawny owl, the jackdaw and the kingfisher.

News paper

Noise barriers along highway turn into artwork: 'Harmony between work and environment'

HOEILAART/OVERIJSE - The Werkvennootschap is currently building the new bicycle highway F204 towards Brussels along the E411, on the border of Hoeilaart and Overijse. However, the noise barriers separating cyclists from the busy car traffic are anything but gray and monotonous: the Leuven artist collective Treepack has painted a handsome mural there.

Ring TV

Mural 1500m long on sound barriers in Hoeilaart and Overijse

Along the E411, on the border of Hoeilaart and Overijse, De Werkvennootschap is building the new bicycle highway F204 towards Brussels. The noise barriers separating cyclists from the busy car traffic have been transformed into a surprising spectacle. On 500 meters of screens, the Leuven artist collective Treepack created a beautiful mural.

News paper

Noise barriers along highway turn into artwork: 'Harmony between work and environment'

HOEILAART/OVERIJSE - The Werkvennootschap is currently building the new bicycle highway F204 towards Brussels along the E411, on the border of Hoeilaart and Overijse. However, the noise barriers separating cyclists from the busy car traffic are anything but gray and monotonous: the Leuven artist collective Treepack has painted a handsome mural there.


Go! Elementary school Beehive Herent unveils new mural

In a creative collaboration with Treepack, the idea arose at Bijenkorf elementary school in Herent to kick off the new school year with a colorful surprise: an enchanting mural featuring a cheerful vehicle and charming company that will welcome all children with open arms.

Leuven News

Go! Elementary school Beehive Herent unveils new mural

A wave of excitement floods GO! elementary school De Bijenkorf in Herent, as they are delighted to unveil their beautifully refurbished exterior facade, transformed by talented artists from Treepack. In a creative collaboration, the idea was born to start the new school year with a colorful surprise: an enchanting mural featuring a cheerful vehicle and charming company that will welcome all children with open arms.

Limburg News

Bocholt: Opening mural Martens brewery (Sept. 9, 2023)

A giant mural has been painted against the front facade of Martens Brewery. "The biggest in Limburg." The mural is a work of art to mark the 265th anniversary of the brewery. The artwork in the Dorpsstraat shows the rich history and future of brewery Martens.

News paper

Free beer and giant mural color 265 years of Martens Brewery

BOCHOLT - Nine generations have been brewing beer here, founded on passion, tradition and craftsmanship. Martens Brewery has been active in Bocholt since 1758. "Building and brewing, from this history we passionately continue to write our future," says Jan Martens.


Bocholt Brewery Martens unveils largest mural in Limburg for 265th anniversary

In Bocholt, Brewery Martens has had a large mural painted on the front facade of the brewery. The artwork is a representation of the history of the Bocholt brewery, which is celebrating its 265th anniversary this year. The mural covers an area of 600 square meters, making it the largest in Limburg.

News paper

New mural connects old and new part Little Lille

LEUVEN - Another new large mural has surfaced in Leuven. This time in the Klein Rijsel neighborhood, between the provincial house, the railroad, Tiensevest and Tiensesteenweg. The mural came there at the request of the neighborhood, and was inspired by the theme of "diversity.

News paper

Immense mural visualizes 265 years of brewery history

BOCHOLT - In the Dorpsstraat, people are driving remarkably slower. That has everything to do with the creation of the largest mural in Limburg. It is appearing piece by piece on the outer wall of the Martens brewery. It visualizes the history and nostalgia, the future and the passion for the brewing craft.

News paper

Wall of honor with cycling heroes is ready

Herentals has its new wall with cycling heroes, after the city had to remove the previous one at the intersection of Vest and Rode-Kruisstraat due to moisture seepage.


Wall of honor with cycling heroes is ready

Herentals has its new wall with cycling heroes, after the city had to remove the previous one at the intersection of Vest and Rode-Kruisstraat due to moisture seepage.


Deux nouvelles fresques habillent les murs de Namur

Deux fresques monumentales ornent depuis peu des murs de la capitale wallonne. La première est une baleine située sous le viaduc de Beez, en bordure de la N90 entre Jambes et Lives-sur-Meuse. L'autre est dédiée à l'actrice d'origine namuroise, Cécile de France, au coin des rues du Lombard et Jean-Baptiste Brabant. Coup de projecteur sur ces œuvres d'art urbain.

News paper

Tour Elentrik seeks artistic talent for Wilrijk utility chests

WILRIJK - About 20 utility boxes in Wilrijk will get a new colorful street art look this fall. For the designs, the district and Tour Elentrik are looking for local artistic talent. Previously, neighborhoods Koornbloem and Elsdonk were given extra color. Now it is the turn of the Neerlandwijk.

Antwerp Press Office

Search for artwork in Tabula Rasa, choose design mural

HERENTALS - Art studio Tabula Rasa leads you along a summer trail of imagination. A voyage of discovery in Herentals to works of art in historic foot scrapers. In these, the good observer will discover surprising, artistic objects made by the members of Tabula Rasa and look for an answer to riddles, rebuses and puzzles. Fill in your answers and personal data on the participation form and deposit it in the designated mailbox at the entrance of Kunstatelier Tabula Rasa, Schoolstraat 44/2, Herentals. The last day for submitting your form is Sunday, Aug. 27, at 8 p.m.


Wilrijk seeks local artists to brighten utility boxes around 1958 World's Fair theme

The Antwerp district of Wilrijk is launching a call for local artistic talent. Some 20 utility boxes in the Neerlandwijk district of Wilrijk are getting a coat of paint. For this, local artists can now propose their own design. Like many other Flemish cities and municipalities, Wilrijk's utility boxes are becoming part of Tour Elentrik.


Local artists take on thirty Pelt electricity boxes

Pelt - In Pelt, a gang of creative people have taken care of some 30 electricity boxes in Boseind and Lindelhoeven. The transformation can be admired via bicycle and walking routes under the title Tour Elentrik.


Hoeilaart paints electricity cabinets in "fauna and flora" theme, but some residents prefer to choose tribute to Marc Sleen

Professional artists and talented residents have painted 20 electricity boxes in Hoeilaart. The municipality is participating in Tour Elentrik, a project to give color to gray electricity boxes. "Local fauna and flora" was chosen as the theme of the project, yet three creative people chose to pay homage to deceased comic book author and honorary citizen of Hoeilaart Marc Sleen.


Street art walk 'Child with Inkblots' highlights Turnhout's industrial past: 'We give what was a voice in the now'

Anyone walking the streets of Turnhout these days may have already seen them: ten enormous murals that give color to the city. And together they also tell the story of eleven-year-old Senne, a child with ink stains, working in the Turnhout factories of the 19th century. With the city as your canvas, you thus discover a moving story full of brave children, strict "patrons" and compelling music.


"Street art"-walk through printing history

"Street art" walk through printing history
The Turnhout Playing Cards Museum, together with the Taxandria Museum and the Beguinage Museum, is organizing a guided walk through the city this summer. At ten different locations, buildings are decorated with Street art that tells the story of Turnhout in the late 19th century.


Musea Turnhout launches art project with ten murals

Giant murals have been painted in ten places in Turnhout. This is an art project of the Turnhout museums. The murals tell the story of an eleven-year-old factory boy in the 19th century. Starting July 7, you can experience the story on a guided tour or through an audio guide.

News paper

Local artists take on thirty Pelt electricity boxes

PELT - In Pelt, a gang of creative people have taken care of some 30 electricity cabinets in Boseind and Lindelhoeven. The transformation can be admired via bicycle and walking routes under the title Tour Elentrik.


Mural in Leopoldsburg highlights history of WWII liberation

A mural created by artist collective Treepack has been inaugurated at the cultural center in Leopoldsburg. The artwork puts the history of the liberation of World War II and the region at the center, but also refers to the Liberation Garden museum. "The DNA of Leopoldsburg is addressed in the mural," said Alderman for Culture Marleen Kauffmann.


Mural at the CC opened with music

Leopoldsburg - On Sunday, June 18, at 2 p.m., the new mural at the cultural center - just off the loading dock - will be inaugurated.


Graffiti spotted on walls in Turnhout: "Part of new art project"

In Turnhout, residents have noticed beautiful graffiti drawings in the streets in recent days, in Driezenstraat and Wouwerstraat, among others. These are not haphazard drawings, but real works of art. "It is an interactive walk that is part of a new art project," it sounds.


Meters-high mural on side facade of Delhaize Denon: "It also features our Denon man."

Leuven street art artist treepack put the finishing touches on his latest meter-high mural today. A scene of a neighborhood market appeared on the side wall of convenience store Delhaize Denon over the course of several weeks. The wine-tasting man from the stained-glass window at the front of the store also makes his appearance there.

Street Art Avenue

Roberto Ciredz /// " Flood " - Hasselt, Belgique

En peintre paysagiste contemporain Roberto Ciredz voit dans la ville une immense toile sur laquelle il transpose sa vision abstraite de scènes finalement impressionnantes de... réalisme.

News paper

New mural brightens up residential care center

KESSEL-LO - A new artwork "The dancing couple" brings a smile to the faces of the residents of the Ter Vlierbeke residential care center. Commissioned by Zorg Leuven, street art organization Treepack brightened up the location.

Internet Gazette

'Tour Surprise' street art in Kerkhoven

Since last year, Stad Lommel has been organizing a street art project every year, part of an integrated street art policy that the city is rolling out over several years, with one of the hamlets featured each year.


Walking tour Tour Surprise with street art opens in Lommel

In Kerkhoven (Lommel), the 2.5-kilometer walking trail Tour Surprise has opened. You can see colorful street art made by Treepack at 9 different places. Every year, the city organizes a street art project in which each village is featured. Tour Suprise is the second street art project.


Eye-catcher in De Schorre: graffiti mural colors old brickyard wall

Boom - The Schorre in Boom has yet another eye-catcher. Artists have taken the old brickyard wall 'De Ruïne' in hand, the result of which was displayed this morning. It is a large graffiti painting with the name 'Formica'. The intention is to give passers-by some history about the domain's past. For what is now a green estate was once an old clay pit full of brickworks.


Tour Surprise guides you past nine colorful works of art in Lommel

Every year Lommel organizes a street art project in one of the town's hamlets. This year it is Kerkhoven's turn. No fewer than nine locations were given an artistic and playful touch by colorful street art. Soon Lommelaars will be warmly invited to go for a walk.


UCLL gives you wings: new mural is ode to the teacher

Leuven is yet another monumental mural richer. This time the graffiti artists of Treepack were allowed to demonstrate their skills on a 300-square-meter wall of UCLL's Hertogstraat campus. The work depicts the college's vision of the teaching profession.


Standing in traffic jam will be a little more pleasant from now on thanks to first mural in street scene

TIENEN You may have noticed, but the concrete wall on the Bergévest is getting a color; or colors.... Standing still in your car at an intersection (or standing in a traffic jam) is now a pleasure precisely because of the view of a beautiful mural. With a passion for street art, Treepack managed to bring this project to fruition in Tienen. The first mural in our city is not quite finished, but you can already recognize a strand of plants intertwined with water, along with some other animals.


Cheerful street art colors the streets of Ninove

In Ninove, residents can discover artworks along a new street art trail through the city center. Since September, art works by the art collective Treepack have been appearing drop by drop in the city, and now the eleventh and final work "Woman with the jug" is also finished. The art collective's mission is to make art accessible to the general public by beautifying public spaces.


Bicycle tunnel under North Road brightened with murals

PEER - The bicycle tunnel under the Noordweg in Peer has been brightened up with a colorful and lively mural. The Leuven street art organization Treepack transformed the gray tunnel into a colorful three-part artwork with the themes of water, grassland and meadow. Earlier, the bicycle and footpath in the tunnel was renewed.


'The woman with the jug' completes street art project in Ninoof streets

NINOVE The street art project "Tour Surprise" is complete with the realization of the large "mural" "The woman with the jug" on the corner of the Aalstersesteenweg and intersection Den Doorn. The entire trail can be discovered from now on. "It challenges walkers to discover streets and squares with new eyes."


Artwork connects young and old at UCLL

Hasselt - UCLL Hasselt is unpacking a street art piece to connect students, passersby and faculty. With the vision "Everyone is welcome on our campus," the college called on the Leuven artist collective Treepack.

Leuven News

First major street art in Lubbeek

The work was created at the request of the municipality of Lubbeek and is by artist Darko, from a design by Treepack.

News paper

Large street art works depict future of Leeuwse youth

SINT-PIETERS-LEEUW - During the summer vacations, two monumental street art works appeared on a wall at the corner of the Karel Gilsonstrata and the Kerkstraat in Ruisbroek and on the façade of the Sint-Stevensschool in the Negenemanneke. Both artworks were opened Tuesday afternoon together with neighbors and school children.

News paper

St. Peter's Lion presents two inspiring murals

SINT-PIETERS-LEEUW - Sint-Pieters-Leeuw partnered with artist collective Treepack to create two monumental murals. And the result can be seen. They were also officially inaugurated.

Press info

Treepack created murals

Sint-Pieters-Leeuw partnered with artist collective Treepack to create two monumental murals. They, in turn, engaged artists Simon Mannaerts and Toon Van Ishoven to create a work of art in Ruisbroek and Negenmanneke. Over the past few weeks Sint-Pieters-Leeuw has been embellished with incredible art in the public space. The focus was on the future of young people and the role they play in the growing society of the Flemish suburbs.


New artwork rises on Duitsveldbaan

ROTSELAAR - The artists of Treepack are still hard at work on the artwork at the Duitsveldbaan in Wezemaal. The contours of a beautiful sea landscape are already recognizable.

Leuven News

Gray wolf turns up on the streets

Street artist TUZQ placed a new work in Rotselaar: a gray wolf.
The famous painted electricity boxes now also find their way to Rotselaar. Lars Van Cauwenbergh (TUZQ) has placed the image of a gray wolf on an electricity box in the Regastraat in Rotselaar. Painting bear, Bearhole, Simon Mannaerts, Treepack and Jan Poncelet also went to work there.


Tour Elentrik new street art project in Rotselaar

In Rotselaar, a new art project has been started. It is called Tour Elentrik and is already the third similar project in the municipality. This time, electricity boxes are colorfully painted. The boxes run through the various residential areas and provide connection.

News paper

Playful mural gives Nine-Manneke color

SINT-PIETERS-LEEUW - Artist Toon Van Ishoven, better known in the street art world as Artoon, is working on a large mural on the walls of the Sint-Stevensschool in the Negenmanneke district of Leeuwse. It has to bring color to the rather urbanized neighborhood with the future as a central theme.

The Polder

New artwork activates residents to keep moving

KALMTHOUT - In recent weeks a lot of hard work was done to give the bicycle tunnel of Kalmthout a new colorful look. In collaboration with street art organization Treepack and the municipality of Kalmthout, the bicycle tunnel near the Turfvaartlaan was freshened up with a beautiful work of art. "Forever in motion" was the approach of artist Simon Mannaerts who took care of the tunnel.

Former cyclist and café owner Boudewijn Devos immortalised in mural

Near Heirweg 108 in Sint-Baafs-Vijve (the intersection of Heirweg and Abeelestraat) a mural has been installed in honour of former cyclist and café owner Boudewijn Devos. The work of art - designed and executed by Treepack BV - was mounted on the facade of the house of his son Patrick.

News paper

"We asked for a memorial sign and got this": Former cyclist, café owner and folk hero Boudewijn Devos immortalized on 'his corner'

SINT-BAAFS-VIJVE - The intersection of Heirweg and Abeelestraat has looked a lot more cheerful since last week. A portrait of Boudewijn Devos, several metres high, was painted on the façade. He stands there as a young cyclist hand in hand with his older self, as a café owner with the eternal smile. "We are inundated with positive reactions," says his son Patrick.


Warm bakery Cupers highlights craft with mural

The bakery Cupers in Sint-Lambrechts-Herk has recently launched a monumental mural that literally and figuratively highlights their craft. Since 1976, they have been providing fresh bread and pastries according to the authentic recipes of their grandparents. The brothers and bakers, Christophe and Jim, continue the tradition of their father Paul and joined forces with art collective Treepack to provide the bakery with a beautiful mural.

News paper

Beekeeper harvests honey under African sun from Bohicon

Sint-Antonius has a second work of street art. On a utility pole at the Achterstraat and Zoerselsteenweg roundabout, artist Joris Lacroix of the street art collective Treepack was commissioned by the municipality of Zoersel to create a beekeeper in an African Benin atmosphere.


Beekeeper harvests honey under African sun from Bohicon

Sint-Antonius has a second work of street art. On a utility pole at the Achterstraat and Zoerselsteenweg roundabout, artist Joris Lacroix of the street art collective Treepack was commissioned by the municipality of Zoersel to create a beekeeper in an African Benin atmosphere.


Ten electricity boxes are colorful eye-catchers on 'Tour Elentrik'

With the street art project Tour Elentrik, a collaboration between the municipality of Oosterzele and the artists' collective Treepack, ten dull, grey electricity boxes were transformed into colourful gems. Each of the boxes tells a unique story on the theme of 'freedom'. Today the open air exhibition Tour Elentrik was officially inaugurated in Gijzenzele.


Evenementenhal Kubox in Kuurne gets artwork on side wall as birthday present

The Treepack artists' collective from Leuven is painting a monumental mural on the enormous grey side wall of the Kubox, the events hall in Kuurne. The intention is to unveil the work of art, based on a design by artist Sam Billen, at the beginning of May, exactly fifteen years after the opening of the Kubox in 2007.


Facade of culture hall Kubox becomes work of art

The grey side façade of the Kubox in Kuurne will get a makeover this week. The artists of artist collective Treepack have started putting the artwork of artist Sam Billen on the façade. It has to be ready on 5 May, when the 15th anniversary of the culture hall is celebrated with a performance by Bart Peeters.


Street Art brightens up walls in Herentals

In the coming weeks, large murals will appear in five places in Herentals and the boroughs Noorderwijk and Morkhoven. By giving street art a prominent place, the city wants to bring art closer to the inhabitants.

News paper

Street art takes shape in streetscape

HERENTALS - No fewer than 544 Herentals citizens made their choice from the various designs that the artists of organisation Treepack made at the request of the city of Herentals. Five locations will get more colour in the next weeks.


Leaflet should direct walkers past embellished electricity boxes

OVERIJSE In Overijse, a number of electricity substations have been transformed into works of art over the past few months, and in order to put them in the spotlight, the municipality has listed them in a folder. That way, walkers can stroll along the different works of art.


Designs of Herental murals known

HERENTALS In 2022, the city of Herentals will be investing heavily in street art under the motto 'street art is the democratisation of art'. At five locations, spread across the centre, Noorderwijk and Morkhoven, professional national and international artists will create a large mural.

News paper

New mural brightens entrance to provincial estate

KESSEL-LO - The neighbourhood committee of the Leopold Ruelensstraat in Kessel-Lo called in local and professional street artists to brighten up their street. The result is a beautiful entrance to the Provincial Domain.


Ducks swarm out in Leopold Ruelens street

LEUVEN/KESSEL-LO Just as discovering the world begins with yourself, the Provincial Domain begins in the surrounding streets of Kessel-Lo. The street committee of Leopold Ruelensstraat took its status as gateway to the green lung seriously and set about brightening up the neighbourhood. The icing on the cake is the new mural by the Leuven art collective Treepack.

News paper

Tour Elentrik brings color to Lint electricity boxes

LINT - The locations and the planning are fixed, because Tour Elentrik is also coming to Lint. During this creative project, local and professional artists can colour the grey electricity boxes in the streets in a certain theme.


BEAUTIFUL: New mural at Abdijpark in Leuven

The city of Leuven has another beautiful mural. From now on, you can admire this work of art in the tunnel leading to the 'Spaanse Kroon' ('Spanish Crown') district in Heverlee. It is a creation of the Treepack collective.


Basketball Court Grimbyerbroeck colourfully refurbished

The basketball court in the Grimbyerbroeck has just been freshened up. It fits beautifully with the warm autumn colours in the surroundings. For the realisation, the local authority worked (again) with the people of Treepack, an art collective specialised in street art projects.

Press info

Street art along canal puts Halle on world graffiti map

The mural is part of the Zinderende Zenne (Dazzling Senne river) project of the town of Halle. With a surprising and creative decoration of the public domain, we want our residents and visitors to get to know the public space along the Zenne.


Giant mural in the port of Antwerp

The façade of Euroports in Vosseschijnstraat in the Antwerp port area is put in the spotlight. Graffiti artists Nean, Amin and Roubens put up an impressive mural of 680 square metres.

News paper

Graffiti wall added to cycle path along Galgenweel

The cycle path along the Galgenweel on the left bank will be coloured this week, literally and figuratively. At the request of Lantis, the client of the Oosterweel connection, graffiti will be applied along the cycle path.


Street art Tour Elentrik colours electricity boxes in Zele

With the street art project 'Tour Elentrik', a collaboration between the municipality of Zele and Treepack and with the support of the province of East Flanders, ten dull, grey electricity boxes have been transformed into gems.


Tour Elentrik puts Asse in colorful and artful jacket

In Asse, Tour Elentrik will provide colourful and artistic utility boxes in the city centre. Local artists will also brighten up the courtyard of youth centre 't Jass this summer and create a street art walking route.


Street art adorns electricity boxes

Now that our social freedom of movement is once again being curtailed, the city, in cooperation with Treepack, is launching a street art project.


Stunning new mural in heart of Leuven

We are going out with beautiful images from Leuven, because the student city has a new mural. You can admire the work at the entrance to the Tweebronnen building in Rijschoolstraat, which houses the library and the city archives.


Tunity dedicates mural to employees

Some people would prefer to forget the corona crisis and the lockdown as quickly as possible. The Geel-based marketing agency Tunity has opted for a lasting memory of this period.


Artist collective Treepack brings Japanese Garden to Quartier Bleu

The Limburg artist collective Treepack started a mural in an empty commercial building of Quartier Bleu on Saturday. The wall will soon be adorned with a Japanese koi fish, which should integrate the Hasselt Japanese Garden into the busy city life of the new shopping area.


Street Heart murals spread heartwarming corona messages

The street artists of Leuven's Treepack and Warsnoes are joining forces to launch 'Street Heart'. Using chalk paint, they coloured ten different windows in Leuven last weekend with a first load of heart-warming messages for loved ones.


Tour Elentrik brightens up Beringen

To bring art more into the streetscape and closer to the people, Beringen town council is launching the art project Tour Elentrik.

Bored Panda

Together With Shozy We Created The Biggest 3D Mural In Belgium

We invited Russian top street artist and painter Shozy to the east of Belgium! It's not the first time this legendary artist has been to Belgium. Back in 2018, he joined the Tizarte street art festival in the port of Antwerp.


Street art colours entrance to Warmest Week

The 100,000 people who will visit Studio Brussels' Warmest Week village on Nelson Mandela Square between Wednesday 18 and Tuesday 24 December will have to keep their eyes open at the entrance.

Internet Gazette

Façade becomes largest 3D drawing in Belgium

Yesterday the new 3D façade of the Xpand in Paal was officially presented. For this transformation, the Xpand called on the artists' collective Treepack, an organisation with Limburg roots specialised in street art projects and murals.


(Not) according to the rules of the art

The Brusselsestraat is getting a makeover, and not just any makeover. Local artists are going to work there, combining art with ecology. Veto took a first look.


X-Pand in Beringen presents largest 3D mural in the country

From now on, you can view a large 3D mural at the X Pand in Paal-Beringen. The work measures approximately 700 square metres. Artist collective Treepack, a creative organisation with roots in Limburg, brightened up the old soap factory with the largest 3D mural in our country.

Leuven News

Air-purifying murals in Brussels street

From the beginning of October, the Brusselsestraat will look different. The neighbourhood will be brightened up in various stages by murals, which should also absorb CO2 and NO2.

News paper

Garbage sample colors Scheldt bank: litter or art?

A new work of art was unveiled this weekend on a riverbank on the banks of the Scheldt in Antwerp. It is the work of Feoflip, an artist from the Canary Islands, and was designed entirely from litter.

Internet Gazette

Russian artist Shozy puts Xpand in 3D

The XPand in Paal is an initiative by entrepreneurial duo Amanda Latinne and Bert Surinx, who have already won their spurs as pioneers in plastic recycling.

Living in Leuven

The colorful "art bins" in Herbert Hoover Square

The street art trend has also taken hold in Leuven. In recent years, many beautiful street art creations have been added to the city centre. A few years ago, for example, a number of electricity bins on Herbert Hooverplein were transformed into colourful "art boxes".


City wants to brighten up ugly power booths with art

Electricity substations can be found in almost every street in Ghent, although they are rarely noticed. That could well change. Municipal councillor Stephanie D'Hose (Open VLD) argues in favour of art on these dull cabins.

Antwerp city

Mural commemorates V2 bomb on Theater Square

In October 1944, a V2 wiped Bontemantelstraat and the surrounding neighbourhood off the map. The street made way for the Stadsschouwburg and the Theaterplein. A mural commemorates the bombing.


Artist paints youth cell at Carma police department

The Carma police force has given the artist collective Treepack the freedom to colour the 'supervision room for young people'. This is a closed room where underage suspects wait to be interviewed.



The area around the Brusselsestraat near the ring road will soon become a lot more pleasant to walk or cycle through, because the ZUURSTOF! project has been launched there.

Tour Elentrik

Tour Elentrik is an art project in which 22 utility boxes in Maasmechelen are upgraded. The project is a collaboration between the city council of Maasmechelen, art organisation Treepack and the inhabitants of Maasmechelen.


Graffiti brightens up electricity boxes

The municipality of Maasmechelen is going to brighten up the electricity boxes through the artistic project Tour Elentrik. Twenty electricity boxes will be decorated with graffiti.


Animal art on electrical cabinets

Various electricity substations in the municipality have been given a makeover over the past few days. And not just one. The entire box has been painted with, for example, a parrot, a detailed picture of an owl's head or a cat.

Impressive 3D Street Art Murals in Antwerp for Tizarte 3D Festival

It was almost a year ago when we visited the Belgian city of Antwerp for the very first time. As with any new destination, we spent a large part of day one and two exploring the new city, checking out the must-see sights, and searching out some of the many street art pieces and murals that are to be found across Antwerp.


Genk Limburghal in new look

The Limburghal in Genk got a makeover this weekend. Graffiti artists have taken care of the side and front facade.


Graffiti artwork on Limburghal

The Limburghal in Genk is getting a different look: some Russian graffiti artists are spray-painting a work of art on the facades. The intention is to attract the people of Genk to the Limburghal again with this fresh look.



Threepack is a platform that works as a link between artists and clients in need of urban artists for their projects, in the public and also in the private sector, giving a second chance to the chosen building walls.


Eindhoven is proud of its "tunnel vision"

Maintenance of tunnels used to bring creativity and the 'smile factor' into the city. Tunnels are usually places where you go in and out as quickly as possible because of the darkness and the perceived lack of safety. Eindhoven is trying to change this with its 'tunnel vision'.

Good morning surf tunnel at Meerhoven! #streetartsaturday

Somewhere in the road spaghetti between Meerhoven, the airport and Veldhoven lies a tunnel that has now been painted in an incredibly cool way. The street art artists Gooze and Bozik have turned it into an underwater world, with fish and a surfer.

Mural VUB Brussels

Causa Prima - Gola Hundun´s last Wall

Gola Hundun has painted one of the sides of The Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) after being selected by more than 2000 votes by the university students. It is titled "Causa Prima" which refers to the primordial energy.


650 m² of street art sur le campus de l'ULB

The City of Brussels has inaugurated a 650 m² fresco, signed by Italian artist Gola Hundun, on two facades of building H on the Solbosch campus of the Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB).

New mural at the Anneessens-Funck Institute

The English artist Mr Doodle has created a 40 m² urban artwork on a wall of the Anneessens-Funck Institute (46 Grand-Place). The fresco is the result of a call for projects from the City of Brussels, in cooperation with the Institute, within the framework of the Street Art Trail.

New fresco to Anneessens-Funck

A new mural has appeared on a blind outside wall of the Dutch-language vocational school Instituut Anneessens-Funck, on the Fontainasplein, in the past few days. The work is by the British street artist Mr Doodle and was created on the initiative of Alderman for Culture Karine Lalieux (PS).


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