About Treepack

About treepack

Treepack's mission is to upgrade buildings and spaces with murals and street art. We develop concepts à la carte and bring colour and art to public and private spaces.

Treepack was founded with the aim of creating a more pleasant environment for our society with interesting eye-catchers. We put a lot of effort in urban renewal through participatory projects supported by the neighbourhood. Meanwhile, we have grown into a team of driven and experienced Mural Experts and we help countless clients to realise their dreams.

We deliver the highest quality in every project, resulting in durable and long-lasting works of art. We do this by carrying out technical studies of the surfaces to be painted and using proven high-quality paints and materials.

Treepack has already produced more than 1,000 high-quality works of art to date.

Our numbers don't lie

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About the Founders

Junes Bazouz and Maarten Hofmans founded Treepack in 2016. Together they are responsible for setting up and coordinating street art projects with a focus on urban renewal and participation.

Over the years, they have built up a strong network of internal and external artists, both national and international. With their team of eight talented mural experts, they develop concepts à la carte, are responsible for the production of both large-scale and smaller projects, and help build the city of the future.

Together, they actively seek projects and create opportunities for artists. For example, with their concept Tour Elentrik, they have already upgraded more than a thousand utility boxes with no fewer than 300 different artists.


The World is Our Canvas.

With this in mind, we began our quest to brighten up the public space. We pull art out of closed spaces like museums and private collections and transform the world into an open-air art gallery.

Our passion for street art has also grown because we have noticed a great impact on our society: street art connects people and opens up dialogues. When we brighten up the streets with these interventions, we offer added value to people of all ages and origins and make art accessible to everyone.

Junes & Maarten

Bring your story to life

Take your wall or space to the next level and let our knowledge guide you. With our proven process, every idea becomes a reality.

Contact us

Treepack BV
Leuven, Belgium
Telephone: +32 484 71 95 34
E-mail: hello@treepack.net

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