Discover in 5 steps how our murals are created

1. Discovery phase

Whether you have already thought out everything and know exactly what you want, or whether you just have a loose idea in your head, our team of murals experts will go through all the possibilities. Together, we will discover the purpose of the artwork and listen carefully to your needs and wishes before drawing up a first proposal.  

2. Concept phase

After confirming our proposal, we will hold a creative brainstorming session to prepare the concept for your mural. During this session, we will delve into your preferences in terms of style, themes and colours. Not sure what you want? Let the talent of our art directors surprise you!

3. Creative phase

Our creative team will create a detailed design for your project. We start with a preliminary sketch that will be refined into a full blown design that will blow you away.

Of course, you can also give our artists carte blanche and let them surprise you.

4. Implementation

The final design is fixed. Now it is time to carefully plan when your mural will be painted.

For optimum artwork durability, our team performs a technical analysis of the substrate to determine the appropriate materials. 

During the execution phase, we attach great importance to safety and cleanliness.

5. PR & Promotion

Are you just as proud of the result as we are? Then you'll want to share it with the world. You can also count on us for this step. Street art is extremely popular and can generate a lot of online and offline exposure.   

Our team of marketing specialists will help you promote the project with interesting and inspiring photos and videos. This way, we will make your mural the talk of the town.

Whether you want to improve the atmosphere for your employees, share your story with the world or upgrade your building, find out below how murals can brighten up your organisation.


At every stage - from the first meeting to placement and production - we ensure that communication remains transparent and that you are kept informed on all fronts.

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