This Spanish artist experimented with many art forms in her youth: dance, making installations, participating in public art, you name it! It soon dawned on her that something was missing.
After a few years of school and practice, it became clear: She just had to start painting in the street. To this day, Julieta does what she loves best, mostly in cities around the Mediterranean. Her street art works can be found in all sizes, with female figures having a certain elegance and a soft vibe. Entwined with natural elements and mythical settings, they are bathed in vibrant colours that simply carry you away.

Or, as she puts it herself: "In my work, women are the heroines of their adventures and nature is my muse. Everything I find, I already discover in nature."
What is most important to her is that people should smile (and feel) the first time they see one of her works, but even more important that they should not feel indifferent. It should make them think about what they want. Many people forget that. An important element for her works is that their presence on the street is limited. The toll that the weather and time take on her pieces is part of the process. Regardless of the city where she makes a work, she creates it knowing that it will not look the same the next day. It may even disappear altogether. The magical women will fade just as quickly as the artist has brought them to life.

Julieta loves travelling, meeting people and discovering cultures. Together with the XLF crew, she has organised a handful of events and projects. She will continue to do so in the future. There's much more to tell, but as the saying goes: a picture is worth a thousand words...



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