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Sam Billen (1992 - BE) is an (audio)visual artist, street artist, animation filmmaker and co-founder of the audiovisual collective Slammer! He is a guest lecturer in Artistic Research at the LUCA School of Arts, in which in he graduated in 2017.


In the past, Sam already curated several collective audiovisual art installations that were part of group exhibitions (Scene Unseen, Mirrors of Time, ...) and worked as art-director and post-production-designer on animation short films by creators such as Toon Loenders (Scarlet Red, Exitus) and Paul Driessen ('The origin of sound', 'The Yellow Submarine'). Since late 2021, Sam has been working on his own professional animation film as writer/director (ITMW - Development Phase VAF).


In addition, Sam combines his artistic eye and versatile practical skills as master of creations and art director at Treepack. In participatory street-art projects and specific overarching thematic projects - such as the current one - he acts as the director of the artistic process (from design development to mural and experience), as it were.


Sam is an artist who has won many awards in the film and animation world. This makes him an expert in telling stories with images. He can work in very diverse styles which allows him to appeal to a very wide audience with his artwork.




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