SMATES is a Belgian street artist who studied graphic design at Sint-Lukas in Brussels. Since he always had a heart for realistic drawing and painting, he decided to take painting classes for 2 years after his studies. When he was 17-18 years old, he started doing graffiti, which he continued doing until he was 22. He did not have any specific reasons to stop, but started again in July 2009. A few years ago he started working part-time as a graffiti artist and since September 2013 he has been working full-time on the streets.

He finds inspiration for his works in the environment or the shape of the wall. He tries to create something that fits the wall or tries to play with depth, 3D illusions, ...
"When it comes to talent and practice, you always have to work hard and look at other people who are technically and conceptually a lot better: Even if you are talented, there are always people who are more talented than you. "
Smates has made his mark in the UK, Malta and of course Belgium, but hopes to expand his reach to bigger walls and more countries!


Brussels, Belgium

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