Tim Marsh


Tim Marsh has been walking around on our planet since the 1980s. From childhood, he was interested in extreme sports and roller skating. At a later stage, he even practised Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts). His professional career is a dazzling combination of creative arts. Setting trends for clothing brands, collaborating in fashion magazines, graffiti & street art, and so on. All these activities have their influence on the art he creates today. From tribal motifs to childhood memories, illustrative animals, dynamic yet geometric shapes and patterns... It's all there, a style he can now call his own.

His creations provoke a theatrical atmosphere with a palette of retro colours that he applies with spray cans, paints and markers. The compositions he creates are made through a mix of techniques, something he has picked up over the years. He has developed a certain workflow that never stops evolving, an experiment that continues... In the end, no wall or canvas is safe, but so are objects like surfboards and skateboards.

Tim usually works from inspiration. This makes his art just that little bit more interesting and fun, with the concept that it comes 'from the heart' and not something made with the intention of copying it exactly on a wall. Working around a certain theme always works best.

Collaborations are never far from home. Spraying walls with other artists or bringing ideas to life with certain brands is just so much more fun. Even if it's just for a little while, you can learn so much just by working with other people, or developing a concept around a particular idea.

The next step in his master plan: painting a building on a grand scale. Read: gigantically large. Are you ready for that? #bringthecoldbeers


Barcelona, Spain

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