The city as canvas. This is Tour Elentrik

Street art is changing the face of cities around the world. It is a colorful conversation between artists and public space. One project that stands out in its dedication to channeling this expressive force is Treepack's "Tour Elentrik. This blog article takes an in-depth look at this innovative initiative and how it is changing urbane environments.

What is Tour Elentrik?

Tour Elentrik, launched by Treepack, is a unique project that combines street art and sustainability. It transforms electricity cabinets in cities around the world into striking works of art. Each of these artworks reflects the unique cultural and social context of its surroundings, functioning as a kind of urban diary.

The city as a canvas - Electricity cabinet in forest

The impact of Tour Elentrik

In addition to adding visual appeal to the city, the Tour Elentrik project goes far beyond aesthetics. By transforming boring gray electricity boxes into vibrant works of art, the project promotes social interaction and community connection. Moreover, the project encourages citizens to think about the impact of art and sustainability in their daily lives. The result? More color on the streets, less vandalism and incredibly happy participants and residents! 

From the renewed utilities there is also always a nice walk to explore in the city. In this way, you often discover new and fun places and are actively engaged. It is the perfect family outing to explore your city and others. 

The city as a canvas - Electricity box on the street

The interplay of art and sustainability

Often very nice collaborations happen with local talents. Thus, we often organize brainstorming sessions and give residents the opportunity to participate in these projects. Even age is not a problem, we worked with elementary school children, university students, local amateur artists, professional artists and so much more! 

Treepack's Tour Elentrik project emphasizes the importance of sustainability through art. Each piece acts as a visual reminder of the importance of environmentally friendly behavior. By doing so, the project helps raise awareness about sustainability issues and inspires people to make more sustainable choices.

The city as canvas - Electricity cabinet in neighborhood

Tour Elentrik Zonhoven

The streetscape in Zonhoven was transformed with a captivating transformation of utility boxes. All these works of art can be admired via a brand new bicycle route of up to 17km. Those who follow the art route through Zonhoven will be able to admire painted electricity boxes in 14 places. In addition, the route will also take you past a new monumental mural in a bicycle and car tunnel. Thus, all street art projects in Zonhoven are linked together. 

Discover the full case here!

The city as canvas - Electricity box next to meadow

Tour Elentrik is a shining example of how art can be used to stimulate important conversations and improve urban landscapes. By transforming electricity boxes into a canvas for expression and engagement, the project creates a strong connection between art, community and sustainability. Tour Elentrik is stunning proof that art can be both beautiful and meaningful.

More information on all of Tour Elentrik's projects can be found here!

The city as a canvas - Electricity cabinet in city


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