How our murals are created in 5 steps

At Treepack, we believe that each piece of art tells a unique story. We bring these stories to life through a combination of creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail. In this blog, we want to take you behind the scenes and show you how our beautiful murals come to life.

Step 1: Discovery phase

Before we even pick up a brush, we want to know the story you want to tell. We listen to your ideas, we understand your goals, and we learn about the space where the mural will go. This discovery phase is crucial to ensuring that our mural is not only visually impressive, but also meaningful and relevant to the location and community.

How our murals are created in 5 steps - Discovery Phase

Step 2: Concept phase 

Once we have a clear picture of the vision, we move on to creating the concept of the mural. Our talented designers create sketches, digital mock-ups and detailed plans to preview what the final product will look like. We work together and continue to refine the concept until we have a design that perfectly reflects your story and goals.

How our murals are created in 5 steps - Concept phase

Step 3: Creative phase

This is the step where our talented creative team begins to work its magic. Everything begins with a preliminary sketch that will form the basis of what will eventually become an impressive and detailed design. Our artists spend a lot of time refining this initial sketch until they have created a stunning design that is ready to blow your socks off. 

In doing so, there is room for adventure. You can choose to give our artists carte blanche. In this case, they will use their creative freedom to create something unique and surprising that is still completely in line with your vision and goals. 

How our murals are created in 5 steps - Creative Stage

Step 4: Implementation

Once the final design is completed and confirmed, the execution phase kicks in. This is when we carefully plan when your mural will come to life on your chosen wall. 

At Treepack, we believe that the durability of the artwork is of utmost importance. Therefore, our specialists perform a technical analysis of the surface. This allows us to select the most suitable materials that not only extend the life of the artwork, but also enhance its vibrancy and impact.

During the execution phase, our focus is on safety and cleanliness. We make sure that all work is done safely, and we strive to keep the space clean and orderly so that you have a pleasant experience from start to finish.

Now comes the most exciting part: painting the mural. Our artists bring the design to life with skilled techniques, high-quality materials and a keen eye for detail. They also often work at great heights and use special equipment to work safely and efficiently. 

How our murals are created in 5 steps - Implementation

Step 5: the unveiling

When the end result is as stunning as expected (and it always is), you no doubt want to share it with the world. This is where we come in again. Street art, and murals in particular, are hugely popular and can generate an impressive amount of online and offline exposure.

At Treepack, we have a team of marketing specialists to support you in promoting the project. They take engaging and inspiring photos and videos of the finished artwork, fully capturing its beauty and impact. In this way, your mural becomes the talk of the day and a source of pride and admiration for everyone who sees it.

How our murals are created in 5 steps - The Unveiling

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At Treepack, we believe murals are much more than just decoration. They are powerful tools for expression and connection. We hope this look behind the scenes has given you a better understanding of how our murals come to life.

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