265 years Martens Brewery - Bocholt

Grab your beer because it's time to toast. Brewery Martens in Bocholt is a proud and ambitious family business at the top of the Belgian brewing industry. After much effort, growth and innovation, they now exist for 265 years. In order not to let this just pass by, they had the art collective Treepack create a special mural of no less than 600m².

It all began with the brewery's first beers made possible by Adriaan Geerkens in 1758. After he dies, wife Isabella keeps the brewery going in inn "De Star". After this, the bustling place is always entrusted to subsequent generations. Due to its success, the brewery continued to modernize. In between, they moved to the current location in Bocholt to continue growing here into Brouwerij Martens, the largest and oldest family business in Limburg.

"Our strength lies in the combination of a long history and a passion for technology," said Martens Brewery. Armed with knowledge about this specialization in beer and their strong history, Treepack was able to give the brewery's operations a creative look. Sleek shapes and green color tones gave the exterior façade an updated look that recognizably represents the brewery's vision and style.

The painted artwork shows Martens Brewery's research team in a timeless setting. A modern brewhouse with laboratory that produces more than 4 million hectoliters of quality beer per year, it is their aim to constantly improve and optimize the brewing and production processes, paying attention to sustainability and environmental awareness.

The swirling golden-blond bubbles refer to the "best in class" brewing method that uses a minimum of water. Both A-brands and 'private brands' have been developed with passion and extreme precision. The well-known seasonal beer and all premium specialties have reached international levels, with 85% exports to more than a hundred countries worldwide. This is also definitely tasted in the special mural that ensures harmony with the environment.

Moreover, the artwork also gives a glimpse of the brewery's vendors by showing different silhouettes. For example, a female character taps beer allowing the end consumer to enjoy a deliciously filled glass. The painted text "Brewing The Future" just goes to show that the brewery is ready for what the future has to offer. In any case, have a lot of beer and enjoy the new mural.

The mural also frames the rebranding campaign of Martens brewery and their Martens Pils of the same name, which has also been given a new look.


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