Bakery Cupers - Hasselt

The bakery Cupers in Sint-Lambrechts-Herk has recently launched a monumental mural that literally and figuratively highlights their craft. Since 1976 they have been providing fresh bread and pastries according to the authentic recipes of their grandparents. The brothers and bakers, Christophe and Jim, continued the tradition of their father Paul and joined forces with Treepack to provide the bakery with a beautiful mural.

"The idea of having a mural created for our bakery has been bubbling up for several years. We see more and more murals appearing all over the world. So we thought it would be nice to have such an eye-catcher for our business. By our former neighbor and mural artist Jan Poncelet to brainstorm this idea became tangible. An initial discussion quickly resulted in a powerful design by Jan that beautifully responds to the vision of bakery Cupers." Says owner Christophe Cupers.

"We wanted a mural related to the bakery, with which we could literally and figuratively highlight our craft. So Jan Poncelet created in this beautiful design, with all kinds of attributes that come directly from our bakery. Today we are proud that Jan has made it such a beautiful work of art, which we can share with everyone in this way." Tell the brothers.

The mural can be seen at the level of Sint-Truidersteenweg 504, 3500 Hasselt. If you drive past the bakery now, the artwork will hopefully put a smile on your face, just like a freshly made cake that may follow on the table later!


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