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Heusden-Zolder | Stimulating the motivation of your staff members on a daily basis is not easy. Yet the hardware manufacturer Aten Infotech in Heusden-Zolder recently succeeded. We transformed the building's dull side wall into a work of art that reminds employees of their exceptional skills.

Aten Infotech was looking for a way to brighten up the side walls of its offices and at the same time stimulate the motivation of its staff. We came up with a mural that both makes a link to Aten Infotech's activities and encourages the viewer to discover all the fun details.


WWorldwide Connected

The mural shows a woman in a floating lotus position, connected in her inner peace to a global data and communication network. She connects people and devices, she is an indispensable link. She symbolises and depicts what ATEN's R&D team is researching. The three screens behind her are connected and form one image: a world where people are connected to each other through an invisible network of devices, woven together to face the future.


Exceptional skills

The artwork focuses on Aten Infotech's values of connectivity, calm and intelligence combined with a look to the future. By elaborating these values, Aten Infotech wants to remind its employees of the special skills they possess. They say they are able to take the world to a better level.


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