Colony of worker ants - The Schorre Boom

Treepack has completed a new project at the De Schorre recreation area in Boom. The artwork, inspired by the history of the site and the colony of worker ants in the forest, will be officially inaugurated on March 31. De Schorre Boom is pleased to offer this new addition to the recreation domain, creating a positive impact on the local community and visitors.

Recreation domain De Schorre in Boom recently added a work of art. The domain that is home to the world-famous Tomorrowland is now putting even more emphasis on the experience and recreation of their visitors throughout the year. The mural, designed and executed by artist organization Treepack, plays on the history of the site and brings a playful interpretation of a colony of worker ants in the forest that symbolize the labor that used to take place there.

The concept behind the artwork was conceived by the artist, Treepack, who used Formica, the Latin name for ant, as a starting point. The artwork shows the ants busily creating their own works of art on the old brick walls, which are teeming with art. The paradox created by magnifying the tiny critters thus also adds value to the whole.

The idea was to design the site to blend into its surroundings. This allows the ants to work on a clay landscape and also immediately gives a nod to the history of the site, which is associated with brickmaking.

The inauguration of the artwork will take place on Friday, March 31 at 9:30 a.m. and will be attended by the governor, among others. The public and press are welcome to attend the unveiling and learn more about the inspiring concept behind the mural.

We are delighted to offer this new addition to the De Schorre recreation area and look forward to the positive impact it will have on visitors and the local community.


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