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Ninove took the initiative to promote art in public spaces and engaged Treepack to create murals in various public places in the city. The goal was to make the city more attractive to both young and old through inspiring murals that transform and activate the environment.

The mural on the facade of wine shop "Taste the Passion" is a great example of how street art can be used to make art in public spaces accessible to all Ninove residents and visitors. The facade was selected after an open call among all Ninove residents and is part of an interactive walking map that is available both online and physically. The art route will connect and entertain residents and offers a great opportunity to discover the city in a different way. The artwork on the facade of wine merchant Mark is part of a larger street art project in Ninove realized by Treepack. In addition to this mural, 10 playful interventions were painted that together form a walking route through the city. This walking route is intended as a kind of quest, "Tour Surprise" through which families can become acquainted with art in open space in an accessible way

The concept of the mural on the facade of wine merchant Mark revolves around the joy of bonding and love, metaphorically represented with wine as a concrete image. Created by renowned Spanish artist Zesar Bahamonte, the artwork is an absolute eye-catcher that will impress residents, visitors and the media.

The interactive aspect of the mural is further enhanced by the vine hanging on the facade and merging into the artwork. This creates a fascinating and interactive effect and makes the mural a unique and special work of art in the public space of Ninove.


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