NMD_V3 Campaign - Brussels

The Adidas NMD sneakers can now be discovered in a very special way. An iconic shoe from the collection is given a very unique look through the creation of a giant mural. Artist collective Treepack and Media Field teamed up with Adidas to work on this amazing street art project. This artwork is not to be missed at Brussels South Station.

The sneaker from Adidas' new collection is worn by international star Karim Mustafa Benzema, a French soccer player who usually plays as a striker. Benzema appears lifelike through the use of precise details. In collaboration with Treepack, executive artist Flake (Linus Haertjes) managed to make this project as realistic as possible. "Give me a picture and I will manage to realize this in color and shape on the wall" Aldus Flake.

By combining paint and spray cans, the side of the building received a colorful metamorphosis. Many gallons of paint were used to cover the wall of no less than 30 meters in height. It took two weeks of full hours of hard work to complete the final picture. The result can already be seen from a distance.

As an extra special experience, Benzema begins to glow atmospherically at night through an animated light show. A projection is set over the artwork that causes it to light up. The sculpture thus scores some extra overwhelming eyes from passersby. In the dark, Adidas' sneaker can be spotted extra well.

Treepack specializes in beautifying public spaces. In recent years, they transformed numerous buildings and public places with murals and street art, into beautiful works of art. More and more, they are using the power of participation to create accessible art for a wide audience.


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