Organon - Heist-op-den-Berg

Organon's production facility in Heist-op-den-Berg, Belgium, celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Yesterday, Organon Heist kicked off its anniversary celebration with an all-encompassing "mural" that embraces the identity and values throughout the history of the production facility.

For this, Organon Heist called on the knowledge and creativity of Treepack, a local partner with extensive experience in sustainable artwork, bringing color and art to public and private spaces. Organon has started a worldwide trend of applying murals to production facilities and offices. Organon Heist and Treepack joined forces to create an attractive design. On Jan. 3, the official unveiling took place in the reception hall of the production facility.

The artwork is a beautiful representation of what Organon stands for: a better and healthier life for every woman. The woman is the basis in this romantic and somewhat dreamy artwork "Embraced. She is shown as the focal point of "life" and family, inspiring the viewer and being a paragon of resilience and development. Through certain realistic focal points such as the pregnant belly, black even skin and lips, the diverse beauty of the woman is shown. A woman embracing herself reflects self-acceptance, pride and strength.

Realistic images are cut by abstract planes. In the abstract forms, not only a sun and horizon can be recognized, but also the shape of a tablet, capsule and nasal spray. In this way, stratification is generated within the work, in which additionally the values of integrity, diversity and connection are interwoven. The artwork concludes with a "look to the future": a healthy and better life for every woman, her family and relatives.

Thanks to: LIENS, Lorenzo Morini


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