Railroad tunnel - Ruisbroek

Commissioned by the municipality of Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, we transformed the railroad tunnel at Ruisbroek station into a pleasant place. For this we engaged Spanish artist Zësar Bahamonte who created a colorful design.

Zësar: "In my work, I tried to depict people in the routine as train passengers. Many sit alone on the train by themselves, traveling from one place to another. It is also a moment of peace and quiet for the train passengers as they wait for the next station.
In my work, over the years I have created my own style that I draw from to express certain expressions.
In the composition here I have painted people, characters, on the train and then exactly periodically zoomed in on the same person by showing him or her close again. So that you can see better what is happening to the passenger, yes I play with that in this work.
Last week I enjoyed being addressed by the passers-by here in the tunnel. Many congratulated me and said nice things about my work. I saw many happy faces I must say. So that's a sign that my work attracts people and that maybe they recognize themselves in it. So it is not abstract, not graffiti, ... Because of the faces they understand the work and like it."



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