Swingin' Genk

The renovation of an entire facade of a large event centre from the 1970s. Its popularity had waned somewhat and, thanks to a new concept, it was given a layer of art. Elements from the past and the surrounding area were used to create a new look.

The Story

This building has been there since the 1970s and you would not know it from the outside, but in the past, major concerts were organised here. Deep Purple, Metallica and many others have played here. Unfortunately, it has fallen into disrepair in recent years and since then, the hall is only known for old timer and bonsai fairs. So events are still being organised. But with fresh blood in the management, we are at the cradle of something great that will grow in the coming months and years.

Step one of these major changes was to cast aside the old and rough image of the event hall and dip it in a fresh new coat of paint! After a few long evenings and brainstorming sessions with the artists, we came to the conclusion that it would be best to incorporate a handful of elements into the design. If you look closely, you can recognise some architectural and historical parts of the city of Genk (and the neighbouring villages), references to the musical past of the Limburghal, and a lot of organic and natural elements. The latter is a nice and original link to Genk in the 1700s, when the area was still filled with swamps and nature. And to top it all off, the artists have also added something special on the right-hand side. After all, a lot of people get married here!

Although the architectural set-up of this building is not ideal, it was a pleasure for the artists to work here as many admirers came by every day to see what they had created over time. Almost a month later, their job was done and this project was hailed as one of their highlights. We probably do not need to explain to you the obvious reason why the title of this work of art is "Swinging Genk". The inhabitants of Genk might make another link and think of "Swing In", a popular music festival in their city.


  • Total area: 650 m2
  • Material: bricks
  • Composition: aerosols
  • Project duration: 28 days

The Limburghal is located at the Jaarbeurslaan 6-8, Genk

Thanks to: Kris and the entire team at the Limburghal for hosting us, and giving us the chance to revitalise an iconic building in this city. And a special thanks to Hermanez, the one and only local top music producer who provided the sound for the aftermovie.


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