The Lady and the Architect

This mural for an architect's office right next to Leuven's busy ring road is part of the master plan to highlight a forgotten corner of the city.

The Story

For DMOA architects, a Leuven architecture bureau, we were asked to create a mural for the bare wall they look at every day. In 2017 their own office was renovated and now it is the turn of the building across the street. The entire stretch behind the recently built office is a forgotten corner of the city that is completely overgrown with plants. The Molenbeek stream flows through it and connects several parks in the neighbourhood with historical value.

In order to revalue the neighbourhood, the architects decided to draw up a plan in which passers-by could find a bit of cosiness in this newly created green zone. To connect this green oasis in the city with the outside world, the visual aspect is an ideal way to attract the attention of newcomers who have not yet discovered this part of the city.

The subject of this mural is a nod to the ancient natural history of the entire city outskirts, spiced up with ideas from the architects and the artist himself. The lower part refers to the old landscape just outside the city and more specifically to the Molenbeek Valley. A vertical steel wire has been added along which hops and clematis can find their way up in the years to come.


Total area: 144 m2

Material: plastered wall

Width: 15m

Height: 14m

Composition: aerosols

Project duration: 6 days

The Lady and the Architect is located near the offices of DMOA architects: Erasme Ruelensvest 21c, Leuven (Belgium)


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