"Voyage Voyage" - De Suikerspin in Tienen

Voyage Voyage has arrived at its destination in GO!

The pupils and teachers of GO! primary school De Suikerspin in Tienen were able to vote on various designs by artist Alain Welter for the new mural at the school. Out of the many votes, the design "Voyage Voyage" emerged as the winner!

The Rat in the Library

The primary school wanted to brighten up its side wall and make it more attractive through street art. "Voyage Voyage" takes the pupils and teachers in Tienen on a journey. Reading a book stimulates creativity and sends them on a literary adventure.

This mural depicts a rodent. It symbolises the German word "Leseratte" or in French "Rat de Bibliothèque". The maritime attire of the main character and the body surrounding the worm - a plane - emphasise the travelling and exploring aspect through a dynamic and colourful landscape.

Luxembourg artist Alain Welter brought this beautiful mural to life. His work is often different, but with this project, he wanted to highlight the beating heart of GO! primary school De Suikerspin and the spearheads (literally).



With thanks to: the GO! primary school The Cotton Candy, Huis11 and the amazing Alain Welter


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