Winter 7 p.m.

Impressive mural brings port of Antwerp closer to city

Port of Antwerp, Euroports and Treepack joined forces to bring the port of Antwerp and the port workers closer to the city in a creative way. The facade of Euroports on Vosseschijnstraat was given a colourful mural of no less than 680m² in the course of March.

As the second largest port in Europe, the Port of Antwerp is the engine of the Belgian economy. In cooperation with Port of Antwerp and Euroports, one of the largest logistics companies in the port, the port and all the people who work there are being put in the spotlight in an inspiring way by means of a mural. Euroports made huge investments last year, and the terminal at the Vosseschijnstraat is also part of this investment wave. The terminal operator is therefore not only investing in machines and cranes, but also in a pleasant environment for everyone.

The impressive 200-metre-long mural brightens up this part of the port and shows in a beautiful way what both companies stand for: sustainability, diversity and connection. The people who make the port run are central: from dockers to captains and from boatmen to cyclists and walkers. The work is entitled Winter 7 p.m., and refers to the different seasons that are represented in the mural and the varying weather conditions that the artists experienced during its placement.

Overview shot of the entire mural


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Connecting city and port

The impressive eye-catcher shows in a unique way what both companies stand for: sustainability, diversity and connection. A pied-bunny (bird) stands for the local fauna and flora, while DeWaterbus and a barge represent mobility in the port. The skyline of Antwerp, the MAS and the Port House are also depicted, making the link between port and city. Central to the work of art are the people, since they are the ones who make the port run. From dockers to boatmen and from captains to holidaymakers, they are all part of the Antwerp port and deserve a place on the façade.

Port alderman Annick De Ridder says:
"Thanks to this creative project we are not only attracting the attention of the port workers, but it is also creating more connection with the inhabitants of the city. Our 3 pillars - sustainability, diversity and connection - are also nicely highlighted through the various components and this shows what we stand for as a port authority. It undoubtedly adds something to our port."

Street art connects people, and when it is done right, it creates a social-local support base and gives a new dynamism to our environment. For this art project, we went looking for artists who focus on biodiversity, society and sustainability. This brought us to the artists of Harmonia Gama. They combine abstract and contemporary art and visualise in the mural the link between the port, the environment and people.

Euroports is one of the largest port companies in Europe. Every year, Euroports handles more than 60 million tonnes of breakbulk, dry bulk, containers and liquids. Euroports develops, operates and manages global maritime supply chain solutions for international clients in various industry sectors, such as forest, steel, project cargo, agribulk, fertilizers and minerals. New flows for the circular industry and green energy sector are being developed. The Euroports network extends across the globe in strategically chosen locations. Euroports offers a range of services, both at its own terminals and at customer terminals. In addition, Euroports offers a broad portfolio of multimodal forwarding services and solutions. All Euroports' activities, at its own terminals and elsewhere, are managed by dedicated, professional teams with expertise in the various industry sectors.



  • total surface area: 680 m2
  • material: concrete
  • litres of paint: 150
  • passers-by per day: 2500-5000

This mural was created through a collaboration between Port of Antwerp (POA), Euroports, Harmonia Gama & Treepack.

With thanks to: Port of Antwerp (POA), Euroports, Harmonia Gama & Treepack


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