Tour Elentrik Luchtbal (Antwerp)

Since this weekend, Luchtbal looks a little more colourful again: both professional artists and artistically inclined local residents have been painting utility boxes at thirteen different locations over the past two weeks as part of Tour Elentrik.

"At the request of Femke Meeusen, district alderman for culture (Groen), the electricity cabinets in the Luchtbal neighbourhood were next. Together with the BLOC 2030 meeting centre, which put out an appeal in the neighbourhood magazine Luchtpost, they looked for participants: the reactions were enthusiastic. Some people are now painting here themselves, while others are having their own work put on a cupboard by a professional artist.

A piece of text from the GAZET VAN ANTWERPEN (by Micha Bludts):

The artists got a lot of attention this weekend at Luchtbal. For example, local resident Jozef - "born as a youngster, but a real Luchtballer for a long time now" - was busy taking pictures of Jonathan de Vos' work with his smartphone. "At our place in Dublinstraat they are also painting a cupboard, something I discovered when I went to applaud the care workers the other day at 8pm. I think it's fantastic, really very clean." "It was downhill for a long time with our neighbourhood, but for a few years now the meeting centre has been putting in a lot of effort here, with more and more greenery and regular fun events. That's how they're really reviving the Luchtbal, and of course there's still a lot of room for new initiatives.


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