A New Look at Urban Spaces: The 3 Most Iconic and Imposing Murals by Treepack

Murals, or murals, have long been a powerful medium for self-expression, social messages and cultural celebrations. At Treepack, we take this artistic tradition and add a modern twist using vibrant colors, unique designs and profound stories to transform cities. Today, we want to take you on a journey through our three most iconic murals, each with a unique story and impact.

Shimmering Zenne: Be enchanted in Halle

The Shimmering Zenne mural in Halle is a tribute to the breathtaking natural beauty of the region. This stunning mural depicts the Zenne River in full bloom, with a vibrant, colorful style that highlights the natural beauty of the landscape and biodiversity of the region. It is a reminder of the close relationship between man and nature and the need to cherish and protect our environment.

Treepack's 3 Most Iconic and Imposing Murals - Shimmering Zenne

Want to read more about this insane project? Click on this link!

Adidas: Urban art meets sports culture

In our collaboration with Adidas for the NMD_V3 Campaign, we combined urban art with sports culture to create a powerful and dynamic mural in the heart of Brussels. The mural is designed to capture the energy and passion of athletes, with bright colors and bold lines that evoke a sense of movement and vitality. The result is an iconic mural that brings sports and art into perfect harmony.

Treepack's 3 Most Iconic and Imposing Murals - Adidas

Read more about this impressive project in Brussels here!

Soccer: Celebrating golden moments

Our Golden Moments mural for the Red Devils celebrates some of the most memorable moments in the history of Belgian soccer. The artwork, located in Leuven shows the players in action, allowing fans to look back and commemorate these amazing achievements. The mural brings to life the excitement and passion of the game and inspires the future generation of soccer players.

Each of these murals represents a unique aspect of our philosophy at Treepack: using art to tell stories, connect communities and transform urban spaces.

Treepack's 3 Most Iconic and Imposing Murals - Red Devils

Find out more about this project for our Red Devils by clicking here!

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