Discover Tour Surprise: Street Art adventures in Luxembourg and Belgium

In the world of street art, there is always something new to discover, and this year is no exception. With our unique project Tour Surprise wonderful collaborations are being created between local communities and Treepack. Together, we are bringing color and creativity to public spaces and inviting everyone to admire the artworks on an engaging walk of discovery.

Tour Surprise in Schengen Luxembourg

In the charming municipality of Schengen in Luxembourg, Treepack has transformed no fewer than 10 locations with playful street art interventions. These artworks are scattered around the municipality like small treasures, invitingresidents and visitors to an interactive art walk. Whether you are young or old, the Tour Surprise will surprise everyone.

A colorful exploration

Tour Surprise Schengen has an interactive map that allows you to discover these colorful works of art. The artists have played with unusual shapes in the city environment, resulting in intriguing and captivating street art.

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The route extends for several kilometers along the promenade and is also suitable for wheelchair users and baby carriages. Schengen thus marks a first in Luxembourg as the first municipality with a cultural walk such as this. 


Tour Surprise Lommel in Belgium

The Belgian city of Lommel, specifically in the hamlet of Kerkhoven, hosts an annual street art initiative. This year, Treepack has transformed 9 locations into colorful street art gems. Curious visitors get ready for a fascinating 2.5-kilometer walking route.

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A playful encounter with art

An interactive treasure map guides you past these artworks, which playfully make use of the shapes and objects in the streetscape. The result is art that enchants both passersby and local residents of Lommel.


Ready, Set, Go!

If these street art adventures have made you curious and want to learn more about organizing a similar project for your community, don't hesitate to contact us for more information and inspiration. Creative muralscan not only beautify the environment, but also unite communities and bring public spaces to life.


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