Dommelhuis - Peer

Water, grassland and meadow. While cycling you experience this natural environment in the city of Peer. Because the Tunnel at the dommelhuis is decorated with an attractive mural, this experience is optimized. To finalize the embellishment, the expertise of street art organization Treepack was called upon. After many hours of painting, the phenomenal work has been completed and spectators from all over can come and admire the creation.

With this urban renewal, the city of Peer wants to brighten up the bicycle tunnel under the Noordweg. Introducing art into the public space will create a pleasant atmosphere for passersby. The previously drab tunnel has now been given a fresh natural look. Accompanied by friendly animals through the tunnel, originating from Peer, the sense of safety will be increased.  

The 100m2 outdoor artwork consists of a triptych. In the first section "Water," an alpine newt spotted by the three-spined stickleback swims behind a blanket of aquatic plants. The elegant meadow damselfly has landed on the smallest hedgehog's head. On the grassland of the second hatch, a white deer watches you. Traces of the wild boar show fresh sign of life. Finished with a third frame where the meadow continues to sprout, the trail has transitioned to the imprint of tractor tires. The color of the yellow meadow ant blends with the yellow flowers of the rapeseed that gives the work its freshness.

The entire tunnel as a cohesive triptych thus connects directly to the landscape. "The wild boar tracks are certainly also encountered in the surrounding area of Peer." mentioned the Peer Board of Aldermen. Their innovative vision splashes off the wall. The bicycle tunnel is now transformed into a pleasant and activating environment for young and old to discover nature.


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