Treepack supports organizations in creating awareness around a certain message, or visualizes a company’s identity and the activities that take place on the inside of an office or building.

Lifting the curtain.

It’s often a mystery for outsiders to see which activities are taking place on the inside of any company. With murals or ‘street art’ we offer you the perfect means to completely change the appearance of your building, and at the same time show outsiders in a very unique way what is going on on the inside.

Show the world you’re out there. 

We can all reach out to that one-for-all marketing agency that lets you pour your hard-earned cash into targeted ads and social media posts. We went on a research spree, made some calculations and discovered that this is now a thing of the past. 

Designing murals with the right mindset and a strong concept will arouse curiosity and definitely attract those new customers you’ve been waiting for. Even promoting your company or product will become child’s play, and we’ve got your back during the entire process.

If you’re still worried about reaching your beloved audience, just take a look at this:

<video stylin art/drone footage>

Create awareness

Spreading a message has never been this easy. In the early phases of creating a campaign, we’ll start off with a creative brainstorm-session. Together we work on a concept that will visualize the right message with the target audience in mind. 

After finding the best possible locations for the job, we will carefully process the information and brief the artists of your choice. The designs will be sent back to you for review, and before you know it we can start painting!

<timelapse/video la wallonie entreprend>

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Bring your story to Life

Til jouw muur of ruimte op naar een hoger niveau en laat je leiden door onze kennis. Met ons bewezen proces wordt elk idee realiteit. 

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