Discover Tour Surprise: Street Art adventures in Luxembourg and Belgium

Tour surprise

In the world of street art, there is always something new to discover, and this year is no exception. Our unique project Tour Surprise creates wonderful collaborations between local communities and Treepack. Together we bring color and creativity to public spaces and invite everyone to admire the artworks during [...].

The city as canvas. This is Tour Elentrik

Tour Elentrik

Street art is changing the face of cities around the world. It is a colorful conversation between artists and public space. One project that stands out in its dedication to channeling this expressive force is Treepack's "Tour Elentrik. This blog article takes an in-depth look at this innovative initiative and the way it is channeling the [...]

Reinforce employee management with a thoughtful mural for your company.

employee management

In today's competitive business world, employee management is vital to a company's success. An engaged and satisfied team can lead to increased productivity, improved company culture and ultimately company growth. A unique and creative approach to achieving this is through a mural or "mural. Let's [...]

How our murals are created in 5 steps

how is a mural made

At Treepack, we believe that every piece of art tells a unique story. We bring these stories to life through a combination of creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail. In this blog, we want to take you behind the scenes and show you how our beautiful murals come to life. Step 1: Discovery Phase Before we even [...]

A New Look at Urban Spaces: The 3 Most Iconic and Imposing Murals by Treepack

new look urban spaces

Murals, or murals, have long been a powerful medium for self-expression, social messages and cultural celebrations. At Treepack, we take this artistic tradition and add a modern twist using vibrant colors, unique designs and profound stories to transform cities. Today, we want to take you on a journey through our [...]

Tranquility in chaos: How murals reduce stress at work

less stress at work

Stress at work is a growing problem in our rapidly evolving, always-on society. Prolonged stress can lead to a range of health problems and can negatively impact employee productivity and satisfaction. Companies are looking for effective ways to manage stress and improve employee well-being. The [...]

United through art: how murals bring cultural communities together

Art has the unique power to unite people, regardless of their background or beliefs. It provides a universal language that everyone can understand, making it an indispensable tool for promoting social cohesion and connection. Murals are not only beautiful visual elements that enrich our urban landscapes, but also powerful social tools that [....]

Bringing color to the classroom: the impact of murals on education

Education is more than learning facts and figures. It is also about stimulating imagination, nurturing creativity and inspiring students to think and dream. Art, and murals in particular, are a powerful tool to enrich learning environments. Thus, the way students learn will [...]

The power of murals for your business

In a world where visual communication speaks faster and louder than ever before, it's important for companies to find new and eye-catching ways to get their message across. One way to do that? Murals! Yes that's right, the power of art can be unexpected, but is a very effective tool for your business. [...]

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